DJI Phantom 4 Teardown Pictures

DJI Phantom 4 Teardown Pictures


Following images are from: coptertime


  • Wilfredo Giron

    What is the Part on Picture 10 the one that has the fan what is that called??

  • Tobi

    Great photos!!!
    did you found any classic CAN-L CAN-H?

  • Roy Haufe

    I wounder if it is possible to buy the logicboard shown in picture 10 and 11. Mine has a smal melt/Burn in one of the connectors for the flat cable from the gimbal. This is because of a hard landing, and gimbal arm broke.

  • Shodogger

    Great photos – I’m tearing one down now and swapping for new shell and gimbal parts after a nasty crash – these picture will help. Thank you much!

  • Oliver

    Hi I have a Phantom 4 here is a SMD resistore lost on the main Board. Are you able to mesure the resistance for me? You can mesure the resistance in the circuit then I can calculate the value.

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