DJI Spark Accessories Set Bundle Combo Lens Cap Hood Sun Shade Camera Cover Protector Landing Gear Antenna Range Booster By FSLabs (4 pack)

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  • DJI Spark Accessories Bundle Combo, 4 Piece Combo, Spark Lens Hood, Spark Gimbal Cover, Landing Gear, and Range Extender Booster
  • Dji spark gimbal lens and 3d vision sensor camera cover cap, clamp lock clip holder, bubble protects the vision sensors and the gimbal camera and lenses.
  • Protects gimbal and camera from collision, dust and water during transportation and in cases.
  • DJI Spark Landing Gear, Extended Heightened Landing Legs prevents tipping over during take off or landing and allows for landing on grass and other rough surfaces, protects the bottom of the drone and the gimbal camera.
  • Accurate parabolic curved booster completely reflects the remote signal to the antenna (the focal point of the reflector)