KOTTO Ferrule Wire Terminal Block Crimping Tool Plier Tool Kit Set with 860 Ferrules, Wire cutter, Storage Bag, UL Color AWG Guidelines, Industry Standard Coded Ferrules

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UPC: X00299CY0P


  • Complete Crimp Tool Kit – Each set comes with a crimping tool, Wire Cutter, and 860 pieces insulated wiring terminals to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs.
  • The ferrule crimping tool range is 0.25-10mm²/ 26 - 8 AWG, suitable for most typed insulated, non-insulated sleeve terminals and connectors. While our wire cutter and stripper is compatible with 10-22 AWG solid core and stranded wires.
  • Our ferrules are compliant with the industry-standard guide for color coding and wire AWG size. Many products assign random colors, but we follow the UL industry-standard color coding and AWG guide for compliance. We do the research of each of our tool packs to follow the industry set guidelines.
  • Ferrule sleeves are made of high-temperature polypropylene, and the tube is made of corrosion-resistant tin-plated copper.
  • Our steel crimper features non-slip, ergonomic handle design labor-saving ratchet device provides improved gripping power. Ratchet type linkage mechanism allows for automatic and precise crimping as well as one-handed operation. Making the operation easier, faster, and more reliable.